Treehouses, America's New Love Affair!



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Site Evaluation

New Look Design is a Michigan based company. Your costs will vary depending on our travel expenses.

NLD will inspect your property to determine the best location for your treehouse. During this evaluation, the design, structural needs, as well as the budget will be addressed. The charge for our site evaluation will be $5,000, with $2,500 going towards your final cost.
This visit will cover three perspective renderings. Even if you decide not to choose NLD to build your treehouse. These drawings will be yours to keep.

Perspective Designs

After the site evaluation, NLD's illustrator will draw the perspective renderings.
These drawings are based upon your ideas and our expertise. The renderings will show you what your treehouse will look like. This is where you see your dreams and visions come to life. These renderings will be delivered to you approximately two weeks after the site evaluation.


Once the design is finalized, NLD's architech will engineer your renderings into your treehouse blueprints.

Regulations Observed

All local ordinances concerning building codes will be observed. If necessary, any and all variances with your municipality, will be addressed.


The building of your treehouse will commence after the following criteria has been met.
1 Site Evaluation
2 Contractual Agreement
3 Deposit Recieved

* DISCLAIMER: Costs are subject to change.

A Little Bit More...

Typical uses for treehouses are:
• The Children's Playhouse
• A Guest House
• Home Office

Also, very effective in eliminating,
"The Dog House Blues".